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Living in Gibraltar makes it very easy to be humble in life. Constantly being in the shadow of a huge rock makes you keep your feet on the ground and makes you feel small. I like it, I take it as an inspiration to always improve and to find new ways of looking at things. I love to look up at the rock on my way home from work and to feel blessed that I do have something to strive towards. Everyone need someone to look up to and be inspired from in order to improve and develop.

In general in Gibraltar it is not too hard though to find things to dream about. Actually I have realized lately that there are a lot of things here that are beyond my dreams, or things that I would at least not care about in case I would actually be able to afford it. Just looking out from my balcony I can every day see a marina with some really big and luxurious yachts. As an example there are plenty of Sunseekers larger than 60 feet which are already impressive boats. However, today I took my youngest son for a walk in the marina and noticed that these boats could barely be considered as dinghies to the massive yacht laying here today.

Her name is Vibrant Curiosity and seeing her so close that I could touch her made a big impression on me. I realized that I will never own such a yacht, I simply do not see the need for it and I am still missing a few zeros in my bank account to buy a $100,000,000 yacht. It is not the biggest yacht around but it is still a very beautiful one. I hope that the owner bought it for money that he made by hard work and good ideas. That would work as a great inspiration for others!

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