About Me

Name: Per Wolf
Lives In: Gibraltar
Email: per@wolfmarketing.se


You might ask yourself who this ”Per Wolf” really is. It is a very logical question as I am by no means known for anything in particular. Throughout the years I have been a decent poker player and made some money playing the game I love. I also once made it to the equivalent to the world championships in the computer game Counter-Strike in 2003 as a manager for a Swedish team.

More importantly however have I been working hard to develop my own and other people’s ideas. I see myself as an entrepreneur that is always searching for new ways of improving business ideas and to find new revenue streams and make these come into reality. I am both a dreamer with big visions and a doer that want to work the plan and get started, preferably already yesterday. I am also a manager that want to manage people the same way I want to be managed, with a lose grip that gives me a freedom under responsibility. To me it is the actual result that matters, but also that the team member have the possibility to explore his own ways and develops the skills needed for him to succeed in the future.

I have very high demands and expectations on anyone that I work with, but I also expects to have a lot of fun while working with them. This is basically because I have the same demands on myself. If those I work with fail or are not happy that is a personal failure for myself. With that said, I always go to work with a smile on my face and I do what I love to do. If that would not be the case I would stop.