Everything has its own place and its own time

My grandmother would if she was still alive tell me when I called her to bring today’s news.

Everything has its own place and its own time

Even though I suspect that this particular proverb does not exist in English I like the overall meaning of it. The message I wanted to bring forward today is that I have decided that it is time for me to do something else, and I have thus resigned from PokerStrategy.com. There are several reasons to it, but the most important one is that in the end I did not enjoy it anymore. As that is one of the pillars on which I have founded my whole professional career and where I can motivate myself to always perform at my very best I could not allow this to go on for too long. At least not without letting myself down to the point where I could no longer look myself in the mirror, and to what benefit? Not enough at this point at least which made my decision, combined with some other factors, very easy to take even considering the fact that I am not having any backup in place in form of a new job.

My immediate plan is to start up my consultancy company again and to start doing what I do best, help other develop their businesses and ideas. I know that basically anything that anyone is doing can be done better. As I am inspired by the musical “Annie get your gun”  I will make sure that I once again can make a living of this. Of course there is always a chance that someone comes up with an interesting enough position for me that I will accept, but I do not want to rely on that solely. And in fact, I have more business ideas to run than I have job openings at this moment.

It feels like I have taken the right decision, even though it is of course a bit worrying not to know how to feed my family in a few months time, but so far in life I have always managed in these situations and I am pretty sure I will again. I will miss several of my co-workers, but as I plan to stay in Gibraltar I know I will meet most of them regularly anyway. For my coming months I will wrap up my work here and prepare myself to take on the world. Ready or not, here I come!

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