Monday morning

You know one of those mornings when you think that someone is joking with you when the alarm bell is ringing in the morning? I had one of those days and I was very sure that one of my kids had adjusted the time and that in reality the clock was not more than 4 AM instead of the very cocky message I got from my cell phone, “time is 7:12, time to go up” (and yes, I had set the alarm at exactly that time). When I half asleep stood in the gym at the cross-trainer and realized that I probably could not push my body more even if I had 12 green, horny devils chasing me I started to think of mornings.

Now when I see it in print, do not quote me on the thing regarding the devils. I am not so sure about how I would react if I saw a devil, green or not.

Anyway, mornings. Especially Monday mornings has it special sound to it, and it is so common to dread the start of a new working week and always look forward to Friday afternoon. To me this has always been a very scary view on what you are spending 1/3 of your life doing. I understand there are always circumstances that demands that you take any job just in order to survive. In fact I respect someone doing whatever it takes to survive much more than the big amount of people that are just relying on someone else to sort things out. However, that does not explain the huge amount of people that do not enjoy their work, and are not afraid of expressing this in public. In fact it seems to be more common to dislike your job than the opposite.

Do not get me wrong, I can definitely enjoy a day off work and I am not always happy with things that relates to my work life, but in general I love to work with the things I do. I love to feel that I am doing something that matters to me and something that I am interested in doing. The fact that a majority of all people does not look the same way on their work is a failure. It is a failure for the managers and company owners that are not able to motivate their employees enough, but it is, even more important, a failure for themselves. If you are doing something you dislike for at least 8 hours a day, that means that you are fine with wasting all this time doing things that according to you are neither fun, nor important. What does that tell you about how you look at your self and the value of your own time?

As the Swedish entrepreneur Bengt Gustavsson wrote on his blog (freely translated);

“To search for a job is like asking to fulfill someone else’s dream, and to be considered as a cost while doing it”

If you do not want to make your own dreams a reality, at least one could ask from you that you are aiming to have fun or to feel that it is rewarding to fulfill someone else’s. So, with this in mind, congratulations, it is Monday once again and you have a long work week to look forward to!

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